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Earth. The future. Corruption is rife, martial law is in effect, prisons are crowded, overpopulation has forced humans to scour space for precious resources. Criminals are press ganged into hard labour on off-world mining colonies, street gangs vie for turf in the cities. It’s a bit of a mess, really.

Amidst the mess a young man called Roy is trying to navigate his 22nd year on this planet. He’s a kid from Slum-78 with a twinkle in his eye, a knack for the mechanical and his head in the stars. He wants to explore the galaxy. But no one from Slum-78 gets that chance.

It’s tough. Not only because the mega-city of San Kanen is a cesspool of street gangs, corrupt cops, memory pimps and police droids but also, he doesn’t really fit in at college. 

Thankfully it’s his last year.  And thankfully he’s got one friend there; Stella Rose Bloodhart. If Roy’s from the wrong side of the tracks, she’s about as right as you can get.

They’ve got chemistry and an unfulfilled sexual tension but it could never work. He’s poor. She’s rich. He lives in a tin shack. She lives in the gated community at the centre of the city. Geography alone makes it awkward let alone what her parents would think. 

The only reason Roy is at this fancy college is a man named Marquis Ronson, a trillionaire with a guilty conscience for not saving Roy's father from his untimely death. A death he could and should have prevented...

Marquis has taken Roy under his wing like the son he never had. Unfortunately Marquis' actual son has been nothing but a bitter disappointment. Growing up with the power of wealth at your finger tips does not make for a well adjusted young man. Belfort Ronson is this maladjusted young man. He resents Roy deeply for the bond he enjoys with his father. 

It’s the night of the big street race. Roy’s final initiation into his gang. It’s a race for turf. Three tribes, two laps, one winner, no rules. Roy is the best rider in the gang. He built his custom bike from the ground up. 

It’s also the night of the dance. They still do those in the future, like they did in the 50s. 

As the sun sets on this fateful day, Roy and Stella look out over the city. Roy has taken her on his bike to his favourite spot in the city. It’s the calm before the storm. They share a kiss. A kiss that has been building up all year. They give in to their passions, screw what her parents would think. Screw where he comes from. 

She tells him to meet her at the dance. He says he’ll be there. He gives her his necklace. It is silver and jade. This is the beginning of something beautiful. He’s just got a race to win…

But Roy’s been set up. The race begins and the riders tear up the streets but the cops have been tipped off and are in hot pursuit. Roy rides like a man possessed. He has to win and he has to do it quick. He’s got a date.

As he is about to cross the finish line the trap is sprung. A police droid knocks Roy from his bike at top speed and he smashes into the asphalt. His legs break, his arms snap, his spine cracks. He’s a barely breathing bag of bones on the bitumen.  

He is accused of breaking curfew, destruction of municipal property and treason! He’s been set up! Who has done this? 

He is sentenced on the spot (as happens to drifters and the legally uninsured working classes in this bleak future) to 15 years hard labour on the Kepler 186 mining colony, light years away. 

It’s a death sentence. No one comes back form Kepler. If you survive the voyage you’ll be worn down by the hyper gravity of the planet. 

He is shipped out and shot into space. 

At the dance, Stella awaits Roy’s arrival…

Roy has arrived at the Kepler mining colony. His body is ruined and the prison wardens resolve to ‘retire’ him before he’s even started. They are going to send him to the incinerator with the day’s other broken inmates but a bright young scientist, Dr.  Kat Roland, pleads for the chance to experiment on him. She thinks she can rebuild him. Prisoners are constantly having bones mended and parts replaced but nobody’s bothered to rebuild from the ground up. It would take too much effort. Roland insists and eventually gets the green light. 

Against all odds, Roy’s agonising reconstruction is a success. Mechanical arms, legs and an entire skeletal reconstruction. He’s half man, half machine but he’s still Roy. 

Back on Earth Stella has not taken Roy’s disappearance lightly. She goes on the hunt for the truth. It takes her to the depths of the city’s underworld and back again. Where is he? Who set him up? Why? 

She takes on something of a double life. She plays the role of a well bred socialite by day and uses her connections and cunning to secretly hunt down the one responsible for Roy’s banishment by night. She uncovers a world of corruption she couldn’t have imagined. She starts making some enemies…

On Kepler Roy and his fellow inmates plan a daring escape that is only now remotely possible due to Roy’s unique new ‘abilities’. He can withstand extreme physical punishment. He’s going to have to if he wants to make it through the bone crushing gravity wells of Kepler 186 on his path to freedom. The prison break begins to take shape… It’s The Shawshank Redemption in space. 

Dr. Kat Roland has grown intensely fond of her creation, Roy. Her affection goes unnoticed by Roy who only has a mind to return to Stella. 

Stella is getting to the source of the conspiracy to destroy Roy’s life but she has flown too close to the flame. She is kidnapped!

Back on Kepler, Roy triumphs. The ingenious plan to escape the prison works, he sets free the other inmates causing complete pandemonium, he makes it through the crushing gravity wells that leave him all but broken. He survives. Barely. He stows aboard an escaping cargo ship transporting precious resources back to Earth. 

As he exits faster than light travel and enters Earth’s solar system their ship is attacked by pirates. They intend to steal the cargo and destroy the evidence. But they didn’t count on a cyborg stow away putting up a fight. They come to a mutually beneficial agreement. He will help them with passage into San Kanen if they answer his call for help when he needs them most. They come to an accord. Roy will meet these new friends again…

Roy makes it to Earth. His mechanical upgrades have given him super strength and speed. There isn’t as much gravity on Earth and he can now leap higher, run faster and lift more than 10 men.

He makes a bee line for Stella’s mansion. He has to see her. It feels like a lifetime has passed. He has to explain. His strange, metallic body casts a ghastly silhouette against the full moon as he crests the outer wall of Stella’s compound. He’ still getting used to how his body functions on Earth. His clothes are in tatters, his face filthy and bloodied. He is a terrifying sight.

Roy scales the lattice to Stella’s balcony like he once did. He silently creeps into her room. ‘Stella..?’ She isn’t there… He picks up a silver and jade necklace from her dresser…

The door opens and Stella stands in the warm glow of the hallway light. Roy’s broken and beaten figure in the cold moonlight terrifies her. She has no idea who this half man half machine in her bedroom is. She screams. He pleads with her and tries to convince her that he’s Roy. She sees his face but she has no idea who he is… No memory. She screams again. Security is alerted. He leaps from the window and runs away under a hail of machine gun fire. He scales the compound walls and disappears into the night, heartbroken. Why didn’t she recognise him? 

Stella came too close to the truth and when she was kidnapped, she had all of her memories of Roy removed by a backstreet, black market Memory Pimp. She needed to be thrown off the scent. But by who?

Roy is devastated. He returns to his old gang, the only family he’s got. He reconnects with his best bud, Dom.   

Eventually, Roy manages to convince Stella that she once knew him and that she must have had her memory wiped. They resolve to unravel the conspiracy of who wiped her memory so that they can find out who set Roy up.

Their journey leads them deep into the underworld of illegal Memory Pimps and hustlers. In this future, memories can be legally and selectively removed by a licensed practitioner if the memories are proving too traumatic to handle. However, for the right price you can also buy memories from shady vendors and experience a world of the taboo, depraved and lascivious. When a memory is implanted, one experiences it as though it were the first time. Memories are a precious commodity. You never know what someone might be into…

Roy and Stella track down her memories, taking no prisoners. Roy gains some notoriety around the city. Who is this shady cyborg who lurks the rooftops and streets at night with his mechanical might and speed, hunting down criminals and beating information out of them? A hero? A villain? 

The duo make a great team. Blood and chrome. Stella's wits and Roy's brawn. As their investigation deepens the two reform the natural bond they always had. Sure, Roy isn't the innocent young man he once was but he's still that boy with a twinkle in his eye.  Stella is no shrinking violet but she’s still the girl with the dry wit and cheeky smile. One rainy night in a cheap hotel looking out over the city they share another kiss. They make love. Beauty and the beast. 

They eventually get to the bottom of the seedy barrel. They find the pimp who wiped Stella. He spills the beans. Roy was set up by Belfort and he wiped Stella's memory when she got too close to the truth. He had every memory of Roy removed from her mind. Like he never existed. 

Of course. The jealous brother desperately trying to secure his legacy. 

They go to confront Belfort but he escapes!

Stella is left with a choice; does she reclaim the memories that were stolen? That past life? Or does she accept the life she now has? The only version of Roy she's ever known.