SEPTEMBER 87 is an 80’s infused, intergalactic, musical adventure about two young synth rockers chasing their dreams across the galaxy. 


Ric and Jesse’s small town life on a tiny outer rim planet is flipped on its head when their demo nabs them a once in a lifetime spot in a battle of the bands at the centre of the galaxy.

It seems like their dreams might be coming true but when the colossal douchebags from their rival band EXPLOSIVE DECOMPRESSION hijack their ticket across the galaxy, SEPTEMBER 87 have to embark on an interstellar odyssey to make it to the show in time.

In desperation, the boys enlist the help of Stella, a talented young space pilot bent on revenge for a past wrong. She agrees to pilot their ship on one condition; she gets to keep it. She and Ric are not strangers however. He never quite got over their brief fling from years ago...

Along the way they encounter alien gangsters, space cowboys, the forgotten remains of a planet once called Earth...


... Jesse’s long lost father, intergalactic pop bands, shady promoters... 

...a tribe of hostile robots, a new musical genre and a dizzying array of the galaxy’s bizarre denizens and stunning locales. 


SEPTEMBER 87 is about taking a chance on your dreams, defying the naysayers, telling that gal or guy how you feel, standing up to the bully, high fiving your best mate and figuring what sort of human (or intergalactic lifeform) you really want to be. Not to mention playing some kick ass synthpop tunes. 

Each episode introduces a new, full length, original song by SEPTEMBER 87. These tracks will be released as an album to accompany the series.





Ric is a bold and brazen, womaising whirlwind of a young man. He has very few inhibitions or self awareness. He’s the perfect frontman for a band. His mixture of charisma and cheekiness gets him out of most sticky situations, it’s also exactly what gets him into them. He had his heart broken once and has since sworn off love. He’s Jesse’s best friend.


Leroy is a semi amphibious, lascivious shyster of a creature from a deep, dark, humid part of the galaxy, a low level mover and shaker who failed at his own music career. He's an opportunist through and through.  After he discovers SEPTEMBER 87 he sees a chance to save his skin. Eventually though, he sees a chance to do something right. Perhaps nothing is worth as much as true friends. 

SKEET 4.jpg


A greasy disc jockey from planet Sfôôn. You wouldn't trust him as far as you can throw him, which is probably a fair way. He's 3 feet tall with a heavy dose of small man's syndrome.


Skyler is the bounty hunting envoy of the mobsters that Leroy cheated out of a stack of credits. However, she used to be his business (and romantic) partner  before Leroy did what Leroy does best; screws you over. She offers to catch Leroy as she knows him best. 


Jesse has spent most of his life taking Ric under his wing and trying not to turn out like his waster of a father. He is somewhat of an introvert and often falls back on sarcasm and cynicism to hide his true feelings. He’s the brains behind SEPTEMBER 87. He has the skill but he lacks the confidence. Music is this young man’s passion but he can't shake the urge to discover once and for all where he came from. He’s Ric’s best friend.

JED frame.jpg


Jed is one half of ‘EXPLOSIVE DECOMPRESSION’ a low level schlock rock band. Jed is an intimidating half android, half alien from the toughest system in the galaxy. Any musical 'ability' he has comes from his implants. Truthfully, he has no skill whatsoever. He’s a bully, a creep and has it out for SEPTEMBER 87 as he secretly knows they’re infinitely better than his band.


Sonny is shipwrecked survivor on a derelict robot waste dump planet; Earth. He’s managed to survive for a long time amongst the tonnes of broken robots and machines, some of which are still active and very dangerous. He meets the boys after they seek refuge on his planet. He saves them from a tribe of feral robots. 

He has spent a long time on this planet with nothing else to do but play music. His lair contains a myriad of old world musical instruments that he’s fixed up and altered. This is where the boys discover their sound. He joins their band in exchange for passage off this forsaken planet. 


Stella is a damn fine space pilot who all but raised herself. An alien from a war torn planet, she’s tough as nails and logical to a fault. She has no time for human trappings like love or music. The boys find her in a sketchy off world pilot hangout and she agrees to pilot their ship if she can keep it. She has a date with destiny that has been a long time coming… Her and Ric are no strangers, however. She has no idea she broke his little heart when she swept into then out of his life years ago. 


Greeble is Jed's irksome little side kick with barely two brain cells to rub together.  He follows Jed’s lead on everything. He seems to be doing everything in his power to be a pimple on the bum of the universe. Much like his compatriot however, he's just a giant ball of insecurity.  

majestic zamboy.jpg


The Majestic Zamboy, as he demands he always be called, is a painfully vain and inept space cowboy with a loud voice,  a harem of intergalactic babes, a crew of motley aliens he pays to stay at his side and some very poorly hidden self doubt. 'Majestic' is a highly regarded rank of pilot where Zamboy comes from. A rank he never actually earned...



Bront is as mean as he is tall, as cruel as he is wide and as thick as he is... thick.  He's a standover guy working for the mob. He travels with Skyler to make sure she's doing her job.

. : MOOD REEL : .

- the desert planet the boys land on to repair their beat up ship. ('The Big Drift' dunes - wilson's prom, VIC)